Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

Double shaft shredder plastic rigid lump waste heavy duty grinding shredding cutting machine manufacturer for lump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The Plastic waste Double shaft shredder machine is a super heavy duty shredding machine specially designed for grinding big thick lumps or huge rigid plastic articles like pipes, drums, etc. produced in the plastic processing industry. This is a unique machine which converts big plastic articles directly to 2”- 3” pieces.

Plastic waste Double shaft shredder machine specifications:

Drive system-

  • Drive via a dual motor dual reduction gear for independent drive on shafts.
  • The high torque produces immense angular force leading to crushing and shredder of almost any type of rigid plastic waste.

Shredding system-

  • Dual heavy rotors with multiple overlapping teeths crush articles at high torque.
  • No high speed sharp blades, just pure immense force ripping apart pieces eliminating re-sharpening requirements.
  • Roller bearings mounted in external MS housing separated from the grinding chamber for easy maintenance.

Shredder construction-

  • Dual heavy rotor carries force and breaks the plastic lumps to pieces. This reduction in size is very quick.
  • Special type of blades for breaking toughest types of plastic lumps.
  • Heavy and robust MS body with precision cut spaces for smooth operation.
  • The body has very thick walls preventing any structural deformation under heavy loads.
  • Auto load adjusted feeding conveyor (optional) for optimum output and reduced wear and tear

Suitable for material types-

  • Any type of plastic article with huge sizes.
  • Ideal for big drums, pipes, etc
  • Injection / blow moulding articles
  • PVC / HDPE pipes
  • PET Jars
  • Jerrican / Jerrycans
  • PVC profile
  • HIPS sheets
  • Bucket scrap
  • Heavy Duty Shredder
  • Made From M. S. Material
  • Suitable for injection/blow molding Articles, PVC/HDPE pipe, PET bottle, Jerrican. PVC profile, Blue Drum, Bucket Scrap, etc.


DSS 600 20HP + 20HP 200-300
DSS 1000 40HP + 40HP 500-600
DSS 1200 60HP + 60HP 700-800


How the plastic double shaft shredder machine works:

  • The plastic big article waste is fed from the throat at the top. If the piece is long, it is inserted vertically.
  • The material falls into the shredding chamber where the rotors (driven by two external motors and pulley system) have multiple teeths on it.
  • Very high torque along with overlapping teeths breaks the material into pieces.
  • The output material is ejected at the bottom which can be optionally fed directly into a conveyor or air tube.

Why choose Dollplast Machinery as the manufacturer of plastic waste double shaft shredder for your needs:

  • Having the widest range in plastic recycling machinery, Dollplast has been one of major manufacturers, suppliers & exporters for heavy duty plastic double shaft shredder machines
  • Dollplast plastic waste recycling machine manufacturing company with over 30+ years of total experience in the Machinery manufacturing industry, offers quality tested latest advanced features in machines at a reasonable cost.
  • We have designed and developed the machines with field expertise and technical knowledge taking into consideration the difficulties and problems being faced by the processors in day-to-day operations.
  • Dollplast started its new manufacturing facility at RAKANPUR, Ahmedabad (West) in the year 1995. Gaining experience of more than Two decades, now it is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers and solution providers of the plastic recycling machinery with world recognition. Dollplast has exported different types of Machinery and equipment to around 20 countries.


  • Plasticon Award 2015 (Innovative In recycling Technology)
  • Sujana Excellence Award 2013 (Innovation in Engineering Technology)
  • Plasticon Award 2012 (Innovative in Recycling Technology)
  • Top SME – 100 Award 2012 (Small & Medium Enterprise)
  • National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Innovative Technology in Plastic Waste management)
  • National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Mix Plastic Waste to Plastwud)
  • Plasticon Award 2005 (Innovative In recycling Technology)


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Double Shaft Shredder

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