Roller Dust Remover Waste Plastic Cleaning Machine

Roller Dust Remover Waste Plastic Cleaning Machine

Roller dust remover film plastic waste cleaning machine manufacturer for raffia bag, hd, ld, MLP, etc with film shredder in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Are you looking for a plastic waste dust remover cleaning machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India? Dollplast machinery is one of the well-reputed manufacturers and suppliers of waste plastic dust cleaning machines. It’s called Roller Dust Remover.

Our Roller dust cleaning machine uses a unique set of 5 parallel rollers with over 100+ teeth. This setup shreds the film waste and cleans the dust/contamination trapped inside the film/bag. The dust is collected at the center bottom in the tray while clean shredded film plastic waste is ejected from the other side.

Roller Dust Remover Plastic Waste Dust Cleaning Machine Specification

Here mentioned our special Roller Dust Remover Machine Specifications let’s check more below

  • Dirty Film Waste Cleaning System.
  • Newly Developed 5 Roller with Cutting System.
  • Dust Particle Separate Through Below Screen.
  • Shreds the film and cleans the dust trapped in it.
  • Roller dust remover is suitable for all types of Mix as well as segregated film plastic-like LD, HD, HM, and PP, etc film waste.
Model No. H.P. Capacity Kgs/hr
RDR-15 15 125 to 150
RDR-25 25 250 to 350
*Capacity Depend on Material & Feeding System

Why Choose Dollplast’s Plastic Waste Roller Dust Remover Cleaning Machine?

Dollpast Plastic Waste remover machine manufacturer with over 40+ years of experience in the plastic recycling machinery manufacturing industry that offers quality tested latest advanced features in machines at a reasonable cost.

Roller Dust Remover Waste Plastic Cleaning Machine

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