Continuous Pressure wash

Continuous Pressure wash

Continuous Pressure wash automatic plastic film rigid waste scrap heavy duty washing machine manufacturer for raffia bag, HD, LD, MLP, PP, PVC etc in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Continuous Pressure wash is designed for very dirty plastic waste materials, which is very difficult to wash in a normal washer but in a continuous manner instead of a batch to batch process. The machine washes the plastic waste at high rotational thrashing power to remove the toughest of the stains.

Plastic film waste continuous pressure washing machine specifications:

Plastic waste continuous pressure washing drive system-

  • The drive system is pretty similar to that in the normal pressure wash system.
  • Driven by a pulley belt system, which reduces the shocks of high load and thus reducing damage in the long run.
  • Rotor is carefully designed and precision balanced for minimised vibrations.
  • High thrashing capabilities bring requirements of a rigid and robust drive system which have been the core requirement while designing this machine for best results and long life.

Plastic waste continuous pressure washing system-

  • The whole operation of the machine is continuous instead of batch to batch to allow it to be operated as a part of a continuous plastic waste processing line..
  • The drum also has an ejection valley for preventing any foreign material like pebble, metal, etc to travel ahead in the processing line. This saves a huge amount of damage costs and downtime.
  • The water inlet lies at the top part of the drum. It is drained along with the ejection of clean material. The water in normal cases is just dirty with no chemicals and thus can be filtered with normal ETP.

Plastic waste continuous pressure washer construction

  • Heavy MS body with precision cut spaces for smooth operation.
  • The drum is solidly built with a chamber at the bottom to catch foreign debris.
  • The rotor is well balanced and has a long life.
  • Debris ejection valve placed directly at a base level to allow quick release of foreign material with least leftovers preventing repetitive wash and thus conserving overall power.

Plastic waste pressure washing machine is Suitable for material types-

Any type of plastic film / small rigid article waste can be processed through this setup.

  • PP, raffia bags
  • HD / LD film waste
  • MLP film waste
  • BOPP, etc
  • Any thick walled rigid plastic up to 1” thickness and in form of small 15-20 mm pieces
  • Jumbo Bags (without belt)
  • Injection / blow moulding articles (grinded)
  • PVC / HDPE pipes (grinded)
  • PET flakes
  • Jerrican / Jerrycans flakes
  • PVC profile flakes
  • HIPS sheets (grinded)
  • Bucket scrap
Model Motor Capacity (Kg/Hr)
Film Article
CPW15 15 H.P 100-150 150-200
CPW25 25 H.P 200-300 300-400
CPW40 40 H.P 400-500 700-800

How the plastic waste pressure washing machine works:

  • This machine setup is not an individual processing machine but a part of a plastic waste material processing system. It is usually situated right after the grinding step of material.
  • The dirty plastic film waste (possibly laden with oil, grease or chemicals) is fed into the hopper via a continuous conveyor belt.
  • This feeding system is load controlled hence the conveyor will feed the raw material at a constant load for efficient operation.
  • Once the material enters the drum, it is thrashed by a vertically spinning high speed rotor. This is being done in the presence of water being pressure sprayed from the top.
  • The material on an average stays inside the machine for up to 2 mins before it is released on the other end with water.
  • The valve at the bottom responsible for collecting foreign debris needs to be opened only once in a while as it can store a substantial amount of it in the pocket.
  • The whole process is fully automatic with no human intervention required other than the cleaning and maintenance part.
  • This machine is carefully designed for extremely dirty plastic waste which cannot be easily washed by normal machines in a continuous processing line.

Why choose Dollplast Machinery as the manufacturer of plastic waste continuous pressure washing machine for your needs:

  • We are the pioneers when it comes to plastic waste washing lines with hundreds of installed plants and best machine setups in the market. We offer unparalleled efficiency, compactness, output and quality at extremely economical costs.
  • Having the widest range in plastic recycling machinery, Dollplast has been one of major manufacturers, suppliers & exporters for heavy duty plastic waste washing machines
  • Dollplast plastic waste recycling machine manufacturing company with over 30+ years of total experience in the Machinery manufacturing industry, offers quality tested latest advanced features in machines at a reasonable cost.
  • We have designed and developed the machines with field expertise and technical knowledge taking into consideration the difficulties and problems being faced by the processors in day-to-day operations.
  • Dollplast started its new manufacturing facility at RAKANPUR, Ahmedabad (West) in the year 1995. Gaining experience of more than Two decades, now it is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers and solution providers of the plastic recycling machinery with world recognition. Dollplast has exported different types of Machinery and equipment to around 20 countries.


  • Plasticon Award 2015 (Innovative In recycling Technology)
  • Sujana Excellence Award 2013 (Innovation in Engineering Technology)
  • Plasticon Award 2012 (Innovative in Recycling Technology)
  • Top SME – 100 Award 2012 (Small & Medium Enterprise)
  • National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Innovative Technology in Plastic Waste management)
  • National Award 2011 by Govt. of India (Mix Plastic Waste to Plastwud)
  • Plasticon Award 2005 (Innovative In recycling Technology)

Continuous Pressure wash

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